Oh my Holy Land was written from a birds eye view 10 minutes before landing in Israel feeling that special clear feeling…..
its a song that will help bring more tourism to Israel.
we cordially invite you to come visit my holy land. this is a great place to visit for all man kind.
some expressed to me that the Christians and Gospel would appreciate the song allot . it is a soulful Gospel style song made in Israel.

performed Live at Enav Center tel-aviv 18/2/12
recorded live and filmed.
film and clip edit : Oneframe by Aviv Shiloh, Roy Tal || www.oneframe.co.il || www.facebook.com/oneframe.co.il
sound recording mixing / mastering: Leon Galperin

Lay Z Gordon : producer, words and music performed on the Grand piano with:
Daphne Armoni, Hillary Sargeant, Lobo Wizner on vocals
9 singer choir : Linoy Aklaa, Shahar Ruso, Ishai Enquist, Zoe Enquist, Ori Even Chen, Ori Rozen, Kyano Kashi, Maya Biran, Harel Dahary
drums: Amir David
bass: Yves Galula
guitar : Jake Pissak
Sax : Mark Rozen

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