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Missing red panda in Washington

Washington D.C.’s Smithsonian National Zoo is looking for a missing red panda, a male named Rusty. He was last seen at

6 p.m. last night.

Animal care staff have been combing the trees around the Zoo since 8 a.m.

He could be sick & hiding, or someone could have taken him.

If you do see Rusty, don’t try to approach him. Stay where you can safely keep an eye on him & alert the

Zoo (202.633.4888) immediately.

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Shocking cruelty exposed at Caracierzos foie gras farm

A new Animal Equality investigation exposes cruel scenes of animal suffering at Caracierzos farm, which is the second largest producer and distributor of foie gras in Spain. Caracierzos SL supplies Collverd and Martiko: Collverd commercialises foie gras on a national scale in shops and restaurants. The company also exports to France, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and China. The Director of Collverd is Jordi Terol, who is also Vice-President of Eurofoiegras (the European Committee for the foie gras industry).

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